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Tamas Hydronic develops and manufactures hot water heating systems tailored for residential, commercial and industrial facilities. Pre-fabricated Tamas panels provide a convenient alternative to onsite production for contractors, a pre-engineered inclusive package for building managers, and a compact, convenient system for homeowners. Custom engineering ensures that pump and pipe sizing maximizes water distribution and heat transfer. Systems are setup using independent zones that can be adjusted to cater to the requirements of a specific room or area.

System efficiency and operating costs can be addressed by adding solar or geothermal technologies to a Tamas Hydronic panel. These panels manage solar panels/tubes or geothermal heat pumps, creating residual cost savings and an environmentally friendly energy option. Solar systems can be used to provide domestic hot water through both direct and indirect hot water tanks. Geothermal systems provide the ability to heat a building regardless of the outside weather or temperature.

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