Modular Mechanical Rooms

Modular Mechanical Rooms

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The Tamas Modular mechanical room allows for quick and easy installation at a fixed cost that is pre-engineered for specific site applications. All of our Mechanical rooms are designed in 3D and meet approval ratings for all industry related standards while at the same time being fully customizable

Product Application(s):

  • Boiler Packages/ Heating
  • Pumping Systems
  • V.F.D.'s Variable Frequency Drives Snow Melting

Product Specification(as seen in pictures):

  • Eight Modulating Condensing Boilers, Vitodens 200- 352 MBU each
  • Eight Grundfos UPS26-99BF Boiler Pumps
  • 4 Grundfos UPS32-160F Zone Pumps
  • 1 Grundfos UPS80-80F System Pump
  • System Neutralization Kit
  • Expansion Tank
  • 1 Central Control Box Housing for all the electrical. (Pre-wired)

The modular mechanical room shown here is used in a snow and ice melting application. Using eight Viessmann boilers we can rely on a system that features redundancy and will allow any kind of routine maintenance to be carried out without having to shut the system down. In this particular case the total load is 2817mbu, featuring two boiler loops teeing directly into a main system loop via two primary secondary connections. The main system loop is being circulated via a Grundfos UPS80-80F pump which allows the proper flow rate for the zone pumps. In this case we have 4 zones(Grundfos UPS32-160F) all pulling from the main system loop using closely space tees.

Once the mechanical room has been delivered to site all that is needed is the connections to and from the various zones. (In this case 4)

  • Dimensions

    Custom dimensions apply to this product

  • Flow


  • Head


  • Max. Temperature


  • Max. Pressure


  • Enclosure

    Optional Powder Coated Steel

The Tamas Modular Mechanical Rooms is available in multiple configurations. Contact Tamas Hydronic Systems for information on this product.

For resources and information pertaining to this product, Contact Tamas Hydronic Systems.


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